EfF Out of Depression


A blog dedicated to addressing depression, mental illness, and literature. Let’s dispel some myths. Let’s learn more about each other. No stigmas allowed here.  



How Depression Effed Me Up (And Still Keeps the Hits Rolling)

  How Depression Effed Me Up (And Still Keeps the Hits Rolling)     Earlier this year, I attempted a 30-day challenge to try to change my mindset and escape depression. I would spend each day focusing on myself. I would wake up early and enjoy life again. I would get better.   Ultimately, I […]


Eff Out of Depression – Day 3 – Rediscovering Hobbies

  Today’s Musings   If you’ve been in a depressed slump, there’s a high possibility that you gave up on your hobbies. Don’t beat yourself up over it. I can tell you from my own experience that it’ll be more difficult to heal if you start regretting that you “wasted so much time” and “should’ve […]


Eff Out of Depression – Day 2 – Swear I’ll Keep Trying

  Today’s Musings   You need to repeat a habit for 30 days before it becomes a routine. But what if you keep messing up the challenge early on?   Today I wasn’t able to keep to my new morning routine (shower, wash, brush, and smile). Instead, I woke up tired and late again. I […]


Eff Out of Depression – Day 1 – Choosing to Start

    Today’s Musings   Starting a personal project is not easy. I’m not sure why. Perhaps the idea of committing to a routine is too daunting. Maybe I don’t have enough confidence in myself after so many failed New Year’s (and “new you”) goals. I know that I promised myself to work on my […]