gotta go    

gotta drink the creamer     gotta snag that feeling—

                                 the life rush

              it’s a prickle in your lower back            to do some-

thing                   & write this blurb    

                             & leg day       


              “what do you need to do to be happy?”

                             & just do it

              stop fucking around     they say, I


              a beach day with high tide; a goggle tan; a

              walk around the cul-de-sac

to see how I’ve been living

              maybe I’ve been missing out


              reality TV through window panes; so I fall  

out of bed into right now            

                                             —eyes open

                             & can you remember the last time

                                 we we’re fully awake?


a loud sound, a period to grow, a microphone

              “LET ME”           

       see warm days, feel beeswax lips, taste

       the tap water again

       ‘cause even nothing has flavor    

                                 so rub your toes

                             & then RUN

                                           gotta wake up before the

                                 cell alarm  

                                           gotta stretch my arms and




how many moments did you let escape so fast?                                           



a green goal, a new smell, a clapping audience

              “No YOU can’t—”          cut the critics

                                     with an immature smile.

gotta get back up

gotta scribble in red                       gotta start—




Leona Wilde



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