Time Capsule


a sea heart with his bite marks

2 faded tickets for Beauty and the Beast

a Polaroid camera

a bottle of 1800 Coconut Tequila

the lyrics to “Fuck Me Pumps” with a lipstick kiss

his clogged Playboy Bunny bong

2 plastic spider rings covered in candle wax

the World from my Steampunk Tarot

a bling compact mirror

a Mason jar full of sand dollar doves

2 retired Merrill boots with frayed laces

a Sacagawea coin

a scratched up 18-55mm Nikon lens

the remains of his only tan joggers 

5 Warhead candy canes from last Christmas

a Kindle Oasis loaded with travel guides

a bubblegum covered Kate Spade wallet

his leaking Smok tank

a glow-in-the-dark enamel skeleton pin

6 pairs of blooming tea roses

a Moleskin journal with crossed out pages

a Gudetama mug that says “bye”

a USB with my Bachelor’s thesis

Spot’s scratched and faded yellow dog tags

a Blu-ray DVD of V for Vendetta

a bag of Guava candies wrapped in green foil

½ of a panda best friend necklace

an “It’s a Small World” singing ornament

a rainbow Grateful Dead tapestry

“HAPPINESS” painted on an Acrylic canvas



Leona Wilde



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