Off Beat


You ask me to trust you

babe, show me 

  • a gentle kiss at the start
  • fuzzy blankets wrapped around my shoulders
  • the TV turned off when we talk


don’t forget to

                • ask “if it’s okay to—”
                • listen between the silences
                • believe (in) me


and maybe we’ll make it to

                          • lap naps
                          • snug hands
                          • foreheads touching

eyelashes dancing

lips nipping


slow and steady

‘cause we need no race


and words move too

                    • “it’s okay if you’re not okay”
                    • “I’m still here when you’re ready”
                    • “thank you”


just gotta get used to

  • the cinnamon in your cologne
  • crying on a hot chest
  • wearing your ash-flecked hoodie



love is a game we can’t afford

to cheat

so hold me with your wide brown eyes

let me move closer— skin to skin

a goal race

and give to me what I lost to another

with true blue words for a scarlet kiss



Leona Wilde



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