Corpus “Collosum”


Grab a crayon and scribble on a white |wall|

to feel the colors

sometimes slippery

      waxy     or greasy



stare at Picasso’s “Melancholy Woman.”


How many shades of blue cross the line:

is it sad or is it calm?  


giving up is a decision made in shades

                         of charcoal


“Calm down.”

Stress is a perception

of your fists strapped in handcuff knots



the feeling of being [trapped]

          inside the cubicle


by your paper calendar


to brake in 8-5 traffic

is it a B-Theory?

read it


Escape is possible when you act

on a decision.


Step 1: What do you want?

Step 2: When do you want it?

Step 3: Dammit, change already!


                                                                                         imagine with your heart

                         Speak with your mind. 



am i LEFT?

Am I right?


it takes 2 sides

to be a whole human



Leona Wilde




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