To My Genuine Love   A Reply


it’s not easy    

my kisses will leave bite marks on your lower lip,

lick saltwater off your flushed cheeks,                   

tease nipples, taste dust, twist your tongue          

& suck up your patience.                               

don’t mind me

my favorite lip color is NO-TELL MOTEL                 

so I won’t match the furniture       

& if you want teeth tangled in lace garters

    then you gotta stroke the hair trigger—

gently, “babe”

                                                                                           ‘cause my body has no gauge or choke

so guard me with safety          

& support my mood’s uppers and lowers

    because I’m stripped from cocked invasions

 what I want    

                                                               is for you not to ride the slide but blow         

     off the vapor rolling through my body           

                                                                        my new addiction is getting high from your stovepipe

& we’ve both been given bad batches      

and limp wrists      

    shush, it’s okay

    love is learning from past misfires       

so let me hold you firmly       

& we can Tap-Rack-Bang out of                

Steel-Jaw traps                

                                                                          come share in my remedy         my Buff                        

                                                                                       & I’ll heat you up—                                     

      ignite the charge as

                                                                                          my palms feed lifelines into your heart



Leona Wilde




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