Author’s Prelude


I’m leaving fingerprints on keyboards:

     a trail of notes that can be played

from loops & whorls & arches &              


                             (rest)                   it’s okay to leave the bars empty

                                                                 & medicine cabinet full

“I Love Me”

                                            three unselfish words

                                                          that should be practiced before you


clap to these shaky hands


/fear\ exposed my flesh to ropes & safety pins & rugburns &


/fear\ taught my body to shake &


/fear\ bit down on my lips &

read the lyrics on the radio




it’s more than “okay”

& better than “fine”

my scat t e r e d  brain is anxious, pissed, & forgetful


“I’m able to bREaK

from these critical thoughts”

& kiss my fingertips

& hug my body pillow

& let broken memory foam envelop me


we all have the power to │ let go │

because we sleep to dream

Shush      1. sheep 2. sheep  

“Yes!” tomorrow is a good day

so let’s love the kick-sheet draft



Leona Wilde



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