Trigger Warnings:  Rape; Sexual Assault; Adult Language

Read at your own risk. Please practice caution and discretion. 


Turned On


To ensure a wet pussy, check off

  • a game of chicken
  • a tenth grader’s knowledge of Pavlov’s conditioning
  • a French kiss over the hardest tit
  • a fist full of hair and a neck cracking tug
  • a humid moan into my ear
  • a history of hypo-arousal
  • a dry tongue to lick up my tears
  • a handcuff grip around my wrists
  • an ignored safe word
  • a cortisol-drowning amygdala
  • a bite that bruises my jugular
  • an ignored headshake
  • a pair of fingers shoved into my vagina
  • a sweaty palm pressed over my open mouth
  • an ignored body
  • a tight torso and surging chest beat
  • a robbery at Stockholm
  • a light kiss goodnight on the lips



Leona Wilde




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