Trigger Warnings: Assault; Cursing; Mental Illness 

Read at your own risk. Please practice caution and discretion. 


Author’s Warning

Caution labels on my coffee

      but not in movie {scenes} where

a solo cup, a scratch, a casual “wants it” can

      /trigger/              a neuron that drops the curtains, shuts the eyelids,


                                                             oh, wait              ‘i’m in public’  

                                                                                                                                      [R] you paying attention?

                                                                                                                                      [T]his [MA]y not be for [E]veryone.


                      criss-crossed minds should phone a friend, don’t

                                               #read alone  #my_fellow_survivors


this program may contain

one or more of the following:

rape here (APE), abuse here (USE), assault

here (ASS), or foul language? (F-double-U)


don’t skip the fine print

   i live with the side effects

a raw story + mental illness =

unpredictable reaction

x (prep)(therapy)(support) =

still unpredictable reaction


thank (politically correct term) for computers,

           you can’t read me shaking through the keys

                   but i bet you hear the nervous ticking in these




 stop if your chest tightens, if your

heart beats behind your ears, if

it hurts

                   you can |fold| the page |tear| the spine |stop|

                   and say “no”



Leona Wilde




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